Mercury is the next evolution of SmartLists. It is faster and has features that you’ve always wanted even if you never knew it. Discover what Mercury can do for you.

Fastest Reporting Tool on the Market

Large data sets render faster with Mercury than with any other reporting software. But Mercury doesn’t just render fast, it exports rapidly to different formats such as xlsx, txt, pdf, htm or xml. Anyone who has tried exporting a large dataset from SmartLists knows how slow that can be.

Two examples using GL transactions
How fast is Mercury? More than three times faster than SmartList

Four report types

Mercury supports four different report types:

  1. Pivot Tables
  2. Data Tables
  3. SSRS
  4. Crystal Reports

Pivot tables and data tables are the primary way to deliver data. In addition, it supports SSRS and Crystal Reports, so that your investment in existing reports can be used most effectively. It is actually easier to run SSRS reports through Mercury than in the native interface.

Besides, you have access to 20 pre-built reports for Dynamics GP. The reports include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Intercompany, Fixed Assets and more. Anyone who has struggled to get a list of source and destination transactions from intercompany postings in one report will appreciate the ease of the pre-built reports.

Sort, filter & group with ease

Have you ever struggled to simply sum a column in a SmartList? Mercury lets you do this and more with subtotals, grand totals, and calculated fields. Custom grouping and custom sorting allow you to set up your own rules for grouping and sorting data.


You can output multiple side-by-side reports for on-screen comparisons and add-in your logo.

What Mercury offers

Pivot tables in Mercury are much like Excel’s pivot tables, except that they are ready for you to use from the moment you download the program. You can consolidate reporting across multiple companies, without logging into each company manually to extract data. You can “slice and dice” data – from transaction-level detail to a single value summary.

Our data tables are similar to the tabular results you get from SmartLists, but with added features such as summaries, grouping, conditional formatting, custom sorting, and dynamic filtering. In addition, you will have hierarchical, master-detail reports that you can use to view complex data.

Moreover, it is built on the Windows Presentation Foundation, and created through Agile development methods to enable continuous improvements. With a modern UI, you can drag and drop fields to sort, group and filter. Working with large datasets, you can set parameters, filter by column and set reusable custom groups. When you are done processing data, blazing fast performance allows you to quickly export to xlsx, pdf and other formats

Why Mercury?

Are you ready to speed up the slow reporting process?

Mercury was designed to make reports highly useful and incredibly easy for users to produce by removing barriers and unifying reporting. By executing on a stored procedure, you can deliver a new report in 5 minutes!

Furthermore, it is similar to SmartLists and users need almost no training on how to use it. Best of all, it’s affordably priced at only $1776 for an annual license for unlimited users and unlimited data—as much as your RAM can handle. Explore Mercury, the next evolution in reporting software, today.

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