If you find that you are running the same report multiple times – especially if you want to change the layout or add calculated fields or conditional formatting – a favorite is exactly what you need.

Favorites allow you to save parameter values and layout changes (rearrangements, calculated fields, conditional formatting, etc.), so you can easily re-run a report at any time, just the way you want it.

Each report can have its own set of favorites, as many as you need.

When creating a favorite, you choose to save parameter-values only, layout changes only, or both. (If the report doesn’t use parameters, the option to save parameters won’t apply.) Even if you choose to save parameter values, it’s easy to run your layout but with different parameter values.

Note: After creating a favorite, you can update it at any time, including both changes to the saved settings or the layout.

Creating a favorite

A favorite is based on a report as it’s shown in the result area. If you don’t have a report result selected, you won’t be able to save a favorite.

If necessary, run the report for which you want to save a favorite. In this example we have already run the “GL Transactions Open” report.

  1. Make whatever layout changes you desire – rearrange rows and/or columns, add calculated fields, conditional formatting, etc. (If you only want to save parameter values, you don’t have to make any layout changes at all.)
  2. At the top of the application in the report’s Ribbon, click Save Favorite
  3. A dialog box appears, allowing you to specify the favorite’s details. The title of the dialog box will match the name of the report you’re working in.
creating a favorite report

4. Specify the new favorite’s details.

  • In the name text box, provide a name for the favorite. This name will appear on the favorite menu for the report.
  • (optional) In the Description text box, add a detailed description of the favorite. When specified, this text will appear when the favorite is hovered over on the favorite menu, as shown below. You can also search within your favorites based on the description.
  • (optional) Adjust the Advanced Options. These options provide you with more control over the favorite’s customization.
favorites advanced

5. Click Save. The favorite is created and now available from the report’s favorite menu.

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