Are you having issues sending emails from within Dynamics GP?

Introducing PagoPago!

Easy, flexible remittance advice emails for Dynamics GP.

If you are not on Dynamics GP version 18.4+, you probably already know that recent security changes implemented by Microsoft may be causing your emails to fail. (References are listed at the bottom of this page.)

Unfortunately, manually working around the problem is inconvenient and is a stopgap at best. Upgrading your GP version may be impractical (for reasons of time, expense, or both). And migrating to Business Central (which of course is what Microsoft hopes you’ll do) can be an even bigger undertaking.

PagoPago can help

It reads your GP Accounts Payable data to send remittance advice emails (with detailed reports attached) to your vendors.

PagoPago is free to use

It does require registration, but there is no charge for licensing or support.

And even if you *are* on the latest GP version, you may find PagoPago so easy that you’ll
want to use it anyway.

It’s very simple: one main form (shown below), plus a configuration/settings form.


Remittance advice example – attached to the email sent to the payee.


  • Multi-company
  • Detailed attachment report
  • Maintain vendor (payee) emails
  • Track notification dates
  • Flexible filtering
  • Multiple recipients and ccs
  • Customizable message

Download PagoPago

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10+
  • NET Framework 4.8+


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