To start running reports, you simply select it, specify the report’s settings (if any), and click Run.

Note: To execute a report using a favorite (with saved report settings) see Using a Favorite.

In more detail, to run a report you must:

1. Select the report from the list on the left of Mercury’s main window. The report is highlighted. In this example we’ve chosen “GL Transactions Open”.

2. If the report has parameters, a section for entering parameter values opens underneath the list of reports. Provide values for each parameter. Depending on the parameter type you may be able to type directly, use a date-picker calendar, or select from a lookup-list. In this example, the first parameter is a multi-select list of companies. The other parameters are transaction dates.

3. Click the Run button below the Report settings area.

IMPORTANT: both run buttons are only available once all required report settings have been defined. Otherwise, the report cannot be run.

The report is displayed on a tab on the right side of the interface, ready for immediate analysis, exporting, or printing.

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