Why Mercury

“Done is better than perfect”

Mercury is a fast, straightforward, meat-and-potatoes reporting and analysis program. Customers love Mercury because we make it so easy to do something USEFUL. Business users don’t have to keep running to the IT department or involve software developers to run a simple report.

Our reporting tool is “un-fancy” by design. If you want a pixel-perfect, fancy formatted report, you have plenty of other options. Mercury is designed to deliver the data in a quick and straightforward way so you can do things like:

  • Find a missing invoice, purchase order or cash application
  • Create a cash forecast
  • Compare budgets to actuals
  • Slice-and-dice sales by customer, item, dimension
  • Ore even evaluate your office’s March Madness history

End the endless “dinking around with the details” and get your work done faster with Mercury. As the saying goes, “Done is better than perfect.”